Senior Software Engineer - Backend and Mobile

About the Role

You are a Software Engineer by heart. You are experienced in backend and mobile development. Others would call you a full-stack developer. You can distinguish between good and bad software architecture. You can even smell it. You have an architectural vision, you have your point, can convince others but not being too bossy at the same time. It’s easy for you to explain technical stuff to techies as well as to non-techies. You know how to code and you do it often!

We have good engineers, but we need someone who adds the little extra on top.


  • You keep an overview of backend and mobile architecture
  • You support and enforce communication between teams regarding architectural decisions and changes
  • You are an advocate for quality
  • You ask the right questions (often) and always scrutinize the status quo
  • You and your team are responsible for the entire software development lifecycle from planning to coding to maintenance
  • You code… a lot!

Qualifications and Skillset:

  • An academic degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or equivalent practical experience
  • Years and years of experience as a developer or whatever qualifies you for the position in question
  • Understand how to build, release and run a complex software system
  • Understand CD/CI and build pipelines
  • Understand test automation
  • Understand how to scale applications and services
  • Persistence Technologies (SQL, NoSQL)

Experience in any of the below would be a plus:

  • Spring-Cloud
  • AWS
  • Android Core, RxJava and Dependency Injection

Your Profile:

  • You are looking for a full-time, on-site developer position in the heart of Berlin
  • You are a team player with experience working in an agile environment
  • You are keen to develop your skills, and those of your team
  • You have an interesting hobby such as brewing beer or space travel

You may be young or you may be a veteran in the software development world. This is not important to us, but remember this is a senior position and the bar is set high.

If this is you, get in touch with us and send us an email to!